While working on an upcoming clinic talk, I thought it would be fun to start with a slide like this!  If you’re going to be at the Glazier Clinic in Los Angeles, please come say hello.  I’ll be doing a session on SPECIAL TEAMS ORGANIZATION, one on the SHIELD PUNT, and one on my book research about STATE CHAMPIONS!

10.  The Head Coach makes the practice schedule, squeezes Special Teams in at beginning or end.

9.  The Head Coach is MIA when practicing Special Teams.

8.  Staff treats the Special Teams players as second class citizens.

7.  Have just 1 or 2 of your staff coach Special Teams.

6.  Program never has Special Teams’ meetings; those are just for Offense and Defense.

5.  After a big loss you hear “We have to improve the kicking game.”

4.  Coaches never even think about a Special Teams depth chart.

3.  Never watch Special Teams film as a staff.

2.  Equipment guy forgot to buy new tees in the off-season.

1.  The team practices Special Teams just the day before the game!  It must be Thursday!

Chris Fore is the author of KICKING GAME MANUAL: 28 PUNT AND KICK RETURNS, 7 BLOCKS and The SHIELD PUNT MANUAL.  He also runs ShieldPunt.com. 


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