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The stats speak for themselves!

Coach Fore has been using the Shield Punt since 2002, before it became THE most popular punt used in college and high school football today.  He has designed this Shield Punt E Clinic.  This E Clinic is perfect for the coach who is either looking to perfect their own Shield Punt or thinking about installing this great punt system

Coach Fore, a veteran Head Football Coach and Athletic Director from Southern California, has has helped coaches around the nation at both the high school and collegiate level to install the Shield Punt.  He helped an NAIA team move from #65 in the nation to #2 in just one year by installing the Shield Punt!

Just last season alone, he helped seven programs install the Shield Punt.  X and O Labs did a great job with a feature on the Shield Punt last spring.  I was quoted in that article you can read here.

This E Clinic walks you through everything you need to know to install the Shield Punt!  I even give you practice plans for the first 5 practices as you install it!

The Shield Punt e Clinic features 19 chapters, practice plans for your first 5 days of installation, 28 instruction videos (30-65 seconds each), power point slides, pictures, 10 fakes, and much, much more!!! offers three levels of memberships providing exclusive access!

BRONZE – Unlimited access to the Shield Punt E Clinic

SILVER -MOST POPULAR!!  – Get two full hours of one on one clinic time with Coach Fore via Skype (or phone) to discuss the Shield Punt, installation, problem solving, etc.

GOLD – Coach Fore will apply his experience and knowledge of the Shield Punt to your football program during your season.  Simply send him your game film each week for fine tuning and perfecting. He will communicate with you about the good, the bad, and the ugly with a written report after each game.



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