For those who are still out interviewing and thinking about a job change, this template should be useful for helping you decide on a job offer that you have.  A friend of mine sent me something similar to this that he used in a recent interview.  I tweaked it, added things and deleted things.

I can’t tell you how important it is to consider a WHOLE LOT of these things!   I wrote 99 Questions To Ask Before Taking Your Next Coaching Job.   Read it here.


1. Course(s) to teach?
2. Number of periods?
3. Prep period?
4. Football class?
5. Prep period for football?


1. How many stipends?
2. Can I split up stipends?
3. Can we pay coaches from other funds?
4. Can I fundraise for coach stipends?
5. Teaching jobs for coaches?
6. Policy for hiring coaches?
7. Do I have to keep any assistants?
8. Assistant coach politics I need to know about now?

1. Field equipment
a. What do we have?
b. What do we need?
2. Player equipment
a. Current inventory? How many kids can we dress out per level?
b. What do we need to buy ASAP?
c. Who pays for equipment?
d. Spirit Packs – can we order them? Can we charge? How much per player?
3. Game Uniforms
a. Current inventory? How many can we dress with what we have per level?
b. Rotation for new jerseys/pants?
4. Footballs
a. How many do we have?
b. Who buys them? How many does school buy each year?

1. Where do we play?
a. Do we share stadium with anyone?
b. Locker room situation? Anything to update it? How many lockers?
2. Where do we practice?
a. Do we share practice facility with any during season? Out of season?
3. Equipment storage
a. Where is it? Is it organized? Do we need to update anything here?
4. Weight Room
a. Condition of it?

1. Do we have an Athletic Trainer?
2. Do we have a Team Doctor?
3. Where do the kids rehab?
4. Facilities on campus for treatment?

1. Who pays for:
a. officials
b. transportation
c. pregame meals
d. banquet
e. coach’s gear
f. extra equipment/balls needed
g. staff development
h. reconditioning helmets/shoulder pads
i. uniforms
j. headsets
k. Hudl subscription
l. Sideline video tools
m. I pads
f. Computers for Hudl – staff/players

1. Cut/no cut policy?
2. Practice policies? Length? Conflicts with other programs?
3. Does everyone support multi sport athletes? How is this handled?
4. Spring Football – can we have it?
5. Summer Football – practice regulations?
6. Attendance policies? Any that are athletic department wide? Can I remove a kid from team if he isn’t showing up?
7. Chain of command for parent communication?

1. Salary for teaching
a. How many years will they transfer in?
b. Masters stipend?
c. Salary scale?
2. Salary/stipend for coaching
a. How much is it for the Fall?
b. Spring/Summer Stipend? If not, can I raise money for it?
3. Benefits
a. Health, Vision, Dental?
b. Can I include dependents?
c. Total cost for my family per month?
4. Retirement
a. How is it structured? My contribution? Employer contribution?

1. Teaching position
a. Strength of position:
b. Weakness of position:
c. Do you want this position?
d. Impact of teaching position on family?
2. Coaching position
a. Strength of position:
b. Weakness of position:
c. Do you want this position?
d. Impact of teaching position on family?
3. Negotiation
a. Is there room for negotiating salary, stipend, schedule?
b. If so, what needs to be negotiated?


SWOT is: Strengths?  Weaknesses?  Opportunities?  Threats?

Sit down and write these out.  Talk to as many people as you can so that you have a great overview of the football program before making your final decision.

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