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1.  What job did you interview for?

2.  What level of football? (Youth, High School, College, NFL)

3.  What school or team was it for?  

City/State too please.  (If you want this to be anonymous, put anonymous or leave blank.)

More or less than 900 students?

4.  What were the questions?

5.  What is your name?  (If you want this to be anonymous, put anonymous or leave blank.)

By sending me an email at, you are giving me permission to use what you provide.

 Round 1 of a head football coach interview

  1.    Why do you want to be the head football coach at X High School?
  2.    What can you tell us about X High School?
  3.    How important is your role as a teacher at X High School?
  4.    What are you certified to teach in and/or willing to teach?
  5.    Tell us about yourself: What do you stand for as a human? What makes you get up every morning, and do the things you do?
  6.    What are your expectations for your student-athletes?
  7.    What are your expectations for the athletic administration and administration of school?
  8.    How will you judge the success of the overall football program?
  9.    What is your vision for the football program at X High School?
  10. Define success.
  11. If we were to ask you to be part of a faculty talent show, would you? Why? What would you perform?

 This was for a varsity head football coaching school at a school of over 4,000 kids in Southern California.  This comes from an anonymous source.

Talk about experience as it relates to this position.
Why this high school?
Experience with fundraising?
Multi sport athletes?
Parent approaches you on a Friday night after a game to discuss an issue, how do you handle it?
How do you measure success
How do you handle your starting QB who missed practice on Thursday, you’re playing league rival Friday for championship?
What kind of offense and defense do you run?
Questions for us?


This comes from an anonymous source in Southern California. An interview for Head Football Coach job at a “small school” of about 500 students.

Your coaching philosophy?
Unique attributes you have for this position?
How will you include parents in your program?
How do you develop athletes from frosh to senior year?
What paid positions outside of a school district have you had in athletics?
How do you include community, parents, teachers, boosters in program?
How you will make sure you’re running a safe program?
What championships have you won?
Why do kids play athletics?
Anything else we should know?


From Athletic Director Chris Fore at Excelsior Charter High School in Victorville, California. Enrollment: 850 

Years experience coaching?   Where?

What has been your most important accomplishment as a coach?

What has been your biggest disappointment?

What are your coaching goals?  Short term?  Long term?

What are your strengths as a coach?  List your top 3.

What are your weaknesses as a coach?  List your top 3.

When your team encounters a problem, such as irritation with a teammate or a member of the coaching staff, how do you reach a good resolution?

How do you distribute and collect uniforms?

How do you go about conducting your first Parent Meeting and what do are some important items to go over with them.

What steps are you going to take to generate interest in girls getting involved in the softball program here?

What steps are you going to take to get the “outside” community interested in the program here?

What is your philosophy of Strength and Conditioning in your program?


What do you know about our  program?

Special teams philosophy?

Offensive and defensive philosophy?  What is it?

How do you prepare your team for a game?

How do you work with officials? What is your philosophy on the way that you treat them?

Ever been tossed from a game?  If so, what did you do and what did you learn from it?

If a parent approached you after practice or a game on your way to your car and wanted to talk with you about playing time, what would you do?  How would you respond?

What do you think is the most important aspect of a championship (sport) team?

Our athletic department motto here is “The Eagle Way: Building Character AND Winning Championships.”  How will you do both of these things in our softball program?

Do you have any questions about our program?

Your time commitment?  Compensation?  Facilities?  Equipment?  Fundraising?

From An Athletic Director Lance Pedersen at Wilton Jr/Sr High in Wilton, Iowa.  Enrollment: 250

  1. Tell me a little about yourself.
  2. What is your philosophy on coaching?
  3. Give me your greatest strength in coaching and then your greatest weakness.
  4. What is your philosophy on weightlifting?
  5. How would you deal with players who are late to practices or games?
  6. What is your plan for parent communication?  How would you deal with a parent who is irate after a game about their sons playing time and wants to speak with you as soon as you come out of the locker room?
  7. How do you plan on conducting your summer sessions?
  8. How do you envision you youth programs here in town and to what extent will you be involved?
  9. What offense will you install here first?
  10. What is your defensive philosophy?
  11. How do you plan on working with the other coaches in the other programs as we all seem to share the same kids?
  12. We have a music program scheduled the same night as a late practice. How will you deal with this situation?
  13. A player misses several practices for a family vacation how will you deal with this?
  14. Tell me about your favorite coach.
  15. What can you add to this program if you were to be the (assistant or head coach)?
  16. Tell me your most memorable moment as a high school athlete.
  17. What do you owe a parent who is not happy with you?

Interview for Head Football Coach Position

 Fruitland High School in Fruitland, Idaho; sent to me by Kyle Napiontek

  • What is your coaching background?
  • How would you assemble a coaching staff?
  • How do you delegate responsibility to a coaching staff?
  • How have to handled parents who have complained about their son?
  • How would you handle rumors of a player taking drugs or alcohol?
  • What is your offensive and defensive philosophies?
  • What is your vision of a successful program?
  • What kind of off-season program would you put in place?
  • Why do you want to coach at our school?
  • What are you most proud of in your coaching career?
  • What are your biggest weaknesses?

From @CoachNast

What is a typical day of practice?

What will your sidelines look like during a game?

How do you plan to work with the administration?
How will you raise school spirit? What is your off season program?
1. Please tell us a little bit about your background in the game of football?
2. Why are you interested in becoming a staff member here at South Albany high school?
3. What is your philosophy in regards to finding assistant coaches?
4. What three adjectives would you use to describe yourself?
5. What three adjectives would current students use to describe you as a teacher and coach?
6. If named head coach what is the first thing you would do as head coach?
7. How important is the youth football program to you and how do you see yourself being involved in it?
8. Teaching in the weight room can be a safety risk how do you as a teacher minimize the risk of injury Of students?
9. If you and another member in your department have a disagreement how would you go about handling the situation?
10. What is one unique thing about you or your class that you do as a teacher?
11. Please diagram a three play package that you would run out of your offense?
12.  Please diagram your base defense against a pro I set?
13. Please describe to us how you would teach your defense to stop the option out of an I formation?
14. Please tell us how you would handle a disgruntled parent that approaches you immediately after a Wednesday practice?
15. If a football player comes to you and ask you for advise on whether or not he should play another sport in the off season, or should he just hit the weight room with the other football players. what do you recommend to him?
16. What are the first three things you will do as head coach of South Albany and when will you start?
17. Is there anything you would like to tell us about your football coaching ability or your teaching ability that we have not covered in the questions?

1. How do you define a winning season?

2. Is character or ability more important to you and why?

3. After a season of being coached by you what would a player say about your football program?

4. How important is a youth football program and how do you make connections with the local youth program?

5. How do you transition into becoming the new head football coach?

6. Being off staff how will you maintain positive regular communications with the athletes parents, athletic director and administration?

7. Give me a typical Thursday walk-through before Friday league game?

8. What is your standard offense of set?

9. What is your standard defense of set?

10. What types of responsibilities will you delegate to your assistant coaches?

11. What are some things a head coach could or should do to improve the program overall?

12. What are your feelings on community members Or parents Volunteering as coaches?

13. How do you deal with a student athlete who has conflicts between other school activities and football?

14. How do you deal with a student athlete when he insist on more playing time? Parents?

15. Why do you want to be the head football coach at Yamhill Carlton high school?

16. What do you want us to know about you that we haven’t asked?

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