Are you an Athletic Director or aspiring Athletic Director?  

This manual has been created JUST FOR YOU! Why waste your precious time and energy creating documents, forms, surveys, interviews, etc. when it has already been done?  This manual has been created over the course of the last six years by an Athletic Director in the seat, doing the work day in and day out.

Only $19 for a zip drive emailed right to you!  

Coach Fore has compiled the very popular OUTSIDE THE LINES MANUAL for football coaches.  Hundreds of coaches across the nation have purchased the OLM Football Manual to make their life easier.  Many of them have been asking about an Athletic Director Manual just like it!  Here it is!



There are 10 sections + 1 bonus section.  The ten sections are:

Awards, Boosters, Coaches, Equipment, Transportation, History, Misc. Forms, Rosters, Game Management, and Buget.

Here is the BEST THING ABOUT THIS MANUAL: You get a zip drive emailed directly to you upon your payment that delivers all documents which you can edit RIGHT AWAY, and start using today!  That’s right, just insert your name and your school, print or email and bam, you are in business!  These are word and excel files that you get to use as soon as you download them!

Here are the contents of this manual: 

All League Certificate
All League Master List
All League Nomiination Form
All League Team Sheet
Historical Athlete of the Year Listing
Athlete of the Year Voting Form
Athlete of the Week Profile Form
Athletic Team Participation Certificate
Post Season Awards Order Form
Banquet Program Timeline
Certificate Master
Inventory of Pins/Patches
Scholar Athlete Certificate
Scholar Athlete Nomination Form
Basketball Head Coach Interview Questions
Coach Wanted Ad
Coaches Checklist and Responsibilities
Coaches Season End Evaluation
Coaches Grade Check Form
Denial Letter To Applicant For Job
End of Season Report
Head Coach Interview Questions
Hiring Assistant Coach Process
Memo To Coaches About Grade Monitoring
Preseason Meeting Agenda For Coaches
8th Grade Survey/Future Involvement
Athletic Team GPAs
Athletic Offerings
Athletic Sign Up Sheets
Schoolwide Athletic Survey/Future Involvement
Dear Incoming Freshman Letter
Fall Sports Banquet Flyer
Fax Cover Sheet
Game Schedule On One Word Doc
Game of the Week Advertisement
GPA Team Comparisons
Incoming Frosh Flyer For Summer Sports
Key Checkout
Master Athlete Clearance List
Medical Kit Checkout Form
Officials Receipt
Physicals Coming Soon Flyer
Return Check Notification Letter
Senior Night Questionaire
Social Media Policy
Sports Participation Data Form
Athletic Department Strategic Planning
Student Athlete GPA Waiver Form
Student Committee Meeting Questionaire
Envelope Template


Athletic Department Overall Budget
Coaching Budget Worksheet
Officials Cash Receipt
Purchase Order Number Form
Running Budget Form

Booster Club Kickoff Meeting Agenda
Booster Representatives Needed Form
Golf Tournament – Team Mom Form
Golf Tournament – Dear Sponsor Letter
Golf Tournament – RSVP Database
Golf Tournament – Sponsorship Opportunities
Golf Tournament – Team Donation Form
Golf Tournament – Title Sponsor Invite Form
Golf Tournament – Dinner Talk To Sponsors Outline
Golf Tournament – Instructions To Teams
Golf Tournament – Student Volunteers
Golf Tournament – Theme Ideas For Baskets
RISK MANAGEMENTRisk Management Checklist                                              Football Risk Management Player Survey                         Action Report                                                                   Football Risk Management Plan
Basketball Uniform Inventory Form (2)
Billing Statement
Jersey Inventory Control
Spirit Pack Worksheet
Track and Field Equipment Inventory Form
Equipment Inventory Form
Track and Field Equipment Checkout Form
Missing Football Gear Cost Form
Transportation Release Form
Transportation Calendar
Trasnportation Schedule
All Time All League/All Section Form
All Decade Flyer
All Decade Football Team Idea
All Fall Rosters In One Place
Master List Of All Athletes
Roster Form (2)
Roster Projections
Athletic Ticket Tally Sheet
Baseball Ground Rules
Concussion Protocol
Cross Country Finish Times Form
Game Schedule Worksheet
Locker Room Guidelines
No Food/Drinks Allowed
Super Fan Ticket Promotion Flyer
Super Fan Ticket
Ticket Control Sheet
Ticket Prices Poster
Track and Field School Record Database
Volleyball Season Scores Form
Volleyball Season Ticket Flyer
Volleyball Season Ticket
2008 Case For High School Athletics
My First 24 Days As Athletic Director
2010 CVCS Atheltic Handbook
Get In The Game Campaign
Leadership Powerpoint by Chris Fore
Leadership Talk by Chris Fore                                             14 Legal Duties Of Athletic Personnel


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