I often get asked “What should I take to the interview?”  The best thing I have developed to take to the interview is my “First 30 Days On The Job” handout.  It has received great feedback from interview panels.  Out of the all of the head coaches I have interviewed as an Athletic Director since 2007, I have only had one bring something like this, and I hired him.  Obviously, it wasn’t because he had this doc, but because of a variety of reasons.  But seeing that he had a CLEAR PLAN AND PATH said a TON to me about him as a Head Coach, an organizer, a planner, a doer, etc!

This document is just one of just over 100 documents, forms, templates I have in my OUTSIDE THE LINES COACHING MANUAL.  Think about this document alone I’m giving you here, multiply that by 100 and think about ALL the time you will save with this manual!  Trust me, it’s worth every penny of the $19!  I’ve developed this over the last 8 years as a Head Football Coach!   BUY NOW!

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Here is what I take to interviews:





by Chris Fore, C.A.A.

Tasks for first 30 days as Head Football Coach

  • Meet with stakeholders

Administration – one on one

Athletic Director – one on one

Assistant Coaches – one on one (within first week)

Players – each class by grade level; one on one with every player

Faculty and Staff – one group of four-six

Boosters/Alumni – one group of six-eight

  • Survey all stakeholders via SurveyMonkey.com
  • Evaluate and recommend changes to football website
  • Launch/re-launch social media for <Mascot> Football
  • Budget meeting – Analyze 2012-13 budget; Get briefed on 2013-14 budget
  • Develop Spring/Summer 2014 calendar
  • Evaluate game schedules for 2014 and 2015; begin work to complete schedules
  • Tour and evaluate game and practice facilities; risk management issues
  • Meet with Admissions/Financial Aid Departments to learn their process
  • Get acquainted with league by-laws, procedures, meeting schedule, officers, etc.
  • Evaluate equipment inventory; determine needs list for 2014-15 (if not done yet)

Day 30 (or so) –  Coaches meeting to cast vision for the future of the <Mascot> Football, and share findings of stakeholder meetings, surveys


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