I took these notes from Head Coach Mark Mangino when he was at Kansas.  It was at the American Football Coaches Association Convention.  He had just come off of a great year, and was a sought after speaker at the time.


-Set high standards and expectations

-constantly remind players of standards

-All coaches/players are on the same page

-leave no gray area

-no exceptions for any player


-glue that keeps us together

-clear, consistent, honest

-talk to players each day

-Be a good listener

-talk about all facets of life

-90% of communication is positive


-stick to your philosophy, especially during adversity

-each day players know what to expect

-daily routine should come as second nature


-most important aspect

-trust is a 2 way street

-trust is like respect-you can’t ask for it-you must earn it

-you develop trust through your actions and communications with your players



-all players/coaches share in this aspect

-if players don’t meet standards, there are consequences

-constantly discuss decision making. Reinforce rewards of good decisions and consequences of poor decisions

-if program is not up to par, coach should be held accountable

-we critique our players when they are not accountable but never critique them in public


-coaching is teaching

-it doesn’t matter what the coach knows/it matters what the players know

-meeting rooms just as important as practice field

-strong believers in teaching fundamentals, not just schemes


-it takes absolutely no talent to give effort

-if you don’t give effort, you can’t play here

-program has been built on tremendous effort from players and coaches