Here’s a nice little Checklist for Scouting Your Opponents.  I honestly wish I can remember where I found this.  I stole the  basics of it from someone years ago, and have added/subtracted to/from it over the years.

What is our opponents basic philosophy offense / defense

Starting line-ups offense / defense

Purchase and bring back two programs.

Purchase local newspaper.

Who are their dominant players, numbers, etc.

Snap count

Does our opponent like to stem their fronts

Base to Blitz ratio / defense.

Get all numbers on personnel changes offense / defense.

Did you notice any injuries

Sideline demeanor.

How does our opponent handle sudden change?

Punters number.

Punters longest punt.

Kickers number.

Kickers sustained distance kicks.

Furthest pre-practice field goal made.

Punt returnee’s numbers.

Kickoff returnee’s numbers.

How good do you feel their deep snapper is?

Is the deep snapper consistent with his snaps?

Who’s their best returnee’s name, numbers.

Which players do you feel we can exploit offense / defense?

What is their sideline organization? Which side off the bench does the offense and defense report to when coming off the field?

What yard line do they go into their goal line package?

Did you notice any trick plays?

In pre-game warm up to they come out in their game jersey’s?

When do they come out in game jerseys?

Primary penalties and problems.

Defensive hand signals.

Pre-game plays and routes.

Any problems getting aligned?

Any hand signals used by offensive receivers?