I had the privilege of speaking with Joe Daniel from Football-defense.com for a podcast about 8 man football.

You can listen to it here: http://www.footballcoachingpodcast.com/chrisfore/

Episode 33 – Spread Fly Offense in 8 Man Football with Chris Fore

OCTOBER 31, 2012 BY  

One topic that there just isn’t much out there on is 8 Man Football. While it seems to be growing across the country, the amount of resources available for 8 Man Football coaches is not keeping up. So we sat down with Chris Fore of CoachFore.org and Excelsior High School in California.

Coach Fore will tell us about his Shotgun Fly Sweep Offense, which he helped to put together when his team moved from 11 Man Football to 8 Man Football. We’ll talk about the 8 Man Football game in general, game planning, and more.

Coach Fore also tells us about his passion, which is the administrative and organizational part of being a Head Football Coach. Chris has developed the Outside the Lines Manual as a resource for football coaches, for just this purpose.

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