THANK YOU for being a father figure to so many! If you do or do not have your “own” biological children, take time this weekend to reflect on the father that you really are to so many kids.  Remember, that’s who we are working with here as a high school coach, kids.  Keep doing your best to be a father figure.  I just want to remind you this Father’s Day Weekend (2015), that you’re doing a great job!  

Sincerely, Chris Fore, Eight Laces Consulting


This could have been written by thousands of different players from many different decades.

Coach As Dad   by Chris Fore

My dad wasn’t there, but you were.  Thank you Coach!

My dad didn’t teach me what you have taught me, and I thank you for that.

He never taught me how to finish a sprint; how to push myself further than I thought possible in the weight room, but you did.  Thank you.

My dad told me grades were important, but he never checked on them like you do. I appreciate that Coach.

My dad has told me a lot to “be a good leader out there.”  But he’s never defined it for me like you have.  You’ve taught me everything I know about leadership.

I’ve never heard my dad define love like you have; I think that will help me in a few years.

He never spent even 1 minute with me before school reviewing for my algebra test, thank you Coach.  (That final was hard!)

He thinks I should get the ball more, but I trust you Coach.

Thank you for always telling me, and the team how proud you are of us.  That means a lot Coach.

My dad has never, ever told me that he loves my mom.  But you constantly remind us that you love your wife.  I think that’s so cool.

I love the way you’ll drop everything when I walk in to your office.

Thank you for truly wanting the best for us.  I know you care.

Thank you for hugging me.  It makes me feel good.

You and the other coaches really treat us fair, like the same way you would want to be treated.

I love it when you high five me in the hallways on campus.

Coach, I don’t know if my dad believes in me.  But I know you do.  Thank you.

Coach, you’re a much better role model than my own father.  Wow, I can’t believe I said that, but it is true.

I’m 17.  Respect is becoming more and more important to me.  Thank you for respecting me Coach.

Happy Father’s Day Coach!


ZACH HACKER/DAILY GLOBE Windom/Mountain Lake senior Joe Fischenich (right) shares a hug with his dad, Cobras assistant coach Dave Fischenich, after he won the Class A 132-pound third-place Saturday at the Minnesota State High School Wrestling Tournament in St. Paul.
ZACH HACKER/DAILY GLOBE   Joe Fischenich (right) hugs his dad, Cobras asst coach Dave Fischenich, after he won the Class A third-place at Minnesota State Wrestling Finals.