As part of my consulting business, I get emails from coaches all over the nation asking me the same question: “How can I put myself on the right track to become a Head Football Coach?”

My answer:

Do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you can for the Head Coach and the program you are currently serving. Everything!

If it is on the phone, the coach on the other end starts talking about the ladder he has climbed.  It goes something like this:

Coach: Yeah, I understand.  I started with this program as the frosh wide receivers coach, then after 2 years, I moved up to coach the JV wide receivers.  A few years later our Head Varsity Coach left, and the new guy hired me as the Varsity receivers coach because ours left with the Head Coach.

Me: What else have you done for the program?

Coach: What do you mean?

Me: You’ve been in the program for 5 years now.  How else have you contributed to the program?

Coach: I told you, I coach the wide receivers.

Me: (Thinking to myself: another young coach who doesn’t get it)

Coaches, if you want to become a Head Football Coach, get off of the proverbial ladder and grab a broom and label maker!