I like this website a lot. Initially, I thought this was going to be a website that I can enter my information into and it would build a personal webpage-resume that I could include in e-mails when applying for jobs. But I like this even more. It gives me a lot of insight on what kind of stuff to include in my portfolio, philosophies, etc. Thanks for the website! I will continue to use the site.  – Coach Tony, College Football Coach

Just checked “Make Coaching Portfolio Overview” off my list today. Very pleased with how it has turned out thanks to ‘s guide.  – Brandon Masloski ‏

The Coaching Portfolio Guide is by far the most helpful and comprehensive resource I have found to help coaches organize their thoughts and guide them to producing a quality document that will catch an employer’s attention. Bill Vasko has provided a one-stop-shop place for coaches who are looking to advance their career.  – Coach Boone

This is a great product to help you stand out in your interview. You have a chance to get across who you are, before you meet with the AD and or principle. You are able to spell out your philosophy, your goals and how you plan to achieve them. Your offense and defensive styles. How you will divide the work among your assistants. If you want your dream job this website is a must have for any coach. I plan on referring all the coaches I know to come here and build a winning resume and portfolio.  – Coach Kevin Moritis, Defensive Coordinator, Northeast High School

 Your first impression is everything when applying for a new coaching job.  A professional coaching portfolio is the tool that highlights your achievements and abilities and, most of all, helps you stand out from the other applicants.

The key to getting a new job is to demonstrate to the hiring committee your level of organization, preparedness, and professionalism.  Not only does a portfolio allow you to do this, it also allows you to present your personal philosophies on coaching and leading an athletic program.

The Coaching Portfolio Guide is an instructional, membership-basedwebsite that helps you develop a personalized portfolio.  Each section of the portfolio guide provides detailed instructions on how to organize your portfolio in a professional manner.  The guide also provides sample documents for each section of your portfolio that you can copy, modify, and add to your personal portfolio.

The Coaching Portfolio Guide provides the following tools:

  • Detailed instructions for completing each section of your portfolio.

  • Sample documents that you can modify and include in your portfolio.

  • Information that can be used to develop a portfolio for any sport!

  • Valuable advice and suggestions to help you land the job!

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Use the examples and templates to create a portfolio that is individual to you.

Put your portfolio in the hands of the hiring committee and let your achievements and professionalism speak for itself.

  • Coaching Staff Roles and Expectations

  • Responsibilities of the Head Coach

  • Responsibilities of Assistant Coaches

  • Practice Philosophy (with sample practice plans)

  • Feeder Program Philosophy and Plan

  • Fundraising

  • Student Body and Community Involvement

  • Offensive and Defensive Philosophies

  • Sample Game Plan

  • Samples of Playbook

  • Recruiting Plan

  • Strength & Conditioning Program

  • Organizational Schedule and Calendar

     – Off-season, Pre-season, In-season, Post-Season

The guide includes the following sections and sample documents:

Plus much more!  This online guide has over 250 pages of information!

In addition to instructions on how to develop your coaching portfolio, the guide also has valuable information on creating cover letters, resumes, and improving your interviewing skills.  We have sample interview questions specifically for coaching job interviews!  We also have a section describing how to build your very own online portfolio!

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