This is the fourth part of a five part series about 4 Non X and O Training Camp Outcomes.

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The fourth thing that your football program should get out of Training Camp is Team Chemistry.  Your camp is the PERFECT time, I would even argue that it is the MOST IMPORTANT time to build TEAM CHEMISTRY in to your football program.

You either have it or you do not.  There really is not a middle ground in the area of team chemistry.  When was the last time you heard a coach say “Our team chemistry is just average.”  I do not hear that.  I have always heard, “our chemistry needs work” or “our chemistry is outstanding.”  I cannot even think what “average” team chemistry would look like.

Chemistry is a scientific word which has to do with how atoms interact with other atoms.  I never did very well in my science classes growing up, so it is interesting that I absolutely love studying team chemistry.  I firmly believe that building team chemistry is one of the most overlooked aspects of being a head coach.

How many times has your own coaching staff discussed building team chemistry around the staff meeting tables?  It usually only comes up when things are bad, when kids aren’t getting along well together.  The coaches who “get it” in this area can develop a clear cut advantage over their opponents.  By taking the time to develop team chemistry, and getting your “Adams” to interact well with the other “Adams” can take your team to a place unmatched by your opponents.

One of my absolute favorite chapters from my book BUILDING CHAMPIONSHIP CALIBER FOOTBALL PROGRAMS is the one titled: Team Chemistry: THE Most Overlooked Key To Success.

I interviewed 108 Head Football Coaches who won a 2011 State Championship, in 42 different states.  One of the top 3 answers from these coaches as to what separated THEIR Championship team from the also rans in their division was TEAM CHEMISTRY.  I firmly believe that way too many coaches overlook this aspect of their team.  That’s why I called this chapter what I did: THE Most Overlooked Key To Success.

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