My favorite book from the coaching world is Think Like A Champion: Building Success One Victory At A Time by Coach Mike Shanahan.

I love this chapter where he lays out his 15 point plan to be a better team and teammate.

  1.  Teams matter more than individuals
  2.  Every job is important
  3.  Treat everyone with respect
  4.  Share victories and defeats
  5.  Accept criticism
  6.  Keep the boss well-informed
  7.  Focus on your work ethic, not others
  8.  Allow for difference in lifestyle
  9.  Be more creative than predictable
  10.  Let go of bad ideas
  11.  Employ structure and order
  12.  Reward those who produce
  13.  Find different ways to motivate the employees
  14.  Keep your employees fresh
  15.  Protect your system

How can you incorporate these in to your program?  Which ones are you doing great?  Which ones need work?