“Because of our focus on teaching proper techniques, we’ve seen a reduction in concussions over the last several years in our program. This season (2018) we introduced Power Plus Mouth Guards to our players and parents and roughly half of our players used them. Only one player wearing Power Plus suffered a concussion.”  – Scott Morrison, Head Football Coach – Santiago High School, Corona, CA

“ I was skeptical at first, but we gave PowerPlus a chance. We equipped all 91 players in the program with one and I am happy to say we had no concussions this year!”  –  Mike Sims, Athletic Director, Tahquitz High School, Hemet CA

How We can Reduce the Risk of Concussions  in our Players Right Now!

The What…..

It has been 68 years since the original development of the mouth guard for sports occurred. During that time there have been no significant changes in the basic design, as it was originally made to protect the teeth of an athlete from chipping or breaking.


Dr. Michael Hutchison, a Neuromuscular Dentist, started developing PowerPlus 18 years ago for an entirely different application. His patients utilized the appliance for TMJ, jaw grinding, migraines, and other jaw disorders. By accident,  he discovered it had other capabilities when worn by an athlete. Just by accident his son used it for football and the coach was so impressed that he asked the doctor if he would make them for the entire team. The results were amazing, they won their division that year but more importantly they went “concussion free” for the season. This continued for the next four seasons, never had the coach gone a season without a head injury and now he had gone five years and NO HEAD INJURIES.

The Medical Research…..

This led the doctor to conduct his own study of 1025 athletes and discovered by having his uniquely designed appliance on the lower jaw, the specific thickness of the material significantly reduced concussive G-Force impact by over 95% and increased the performance of all the athletes that wore it. By focusing on the lower jaw and its ability to move, he discovered that separating the mandible (lower jawbone) in relation to the skull, it places the lower jaw into the Physiologic Rest Position (PRP). PRP significantly helps to reduce the G-forces of head trauma from transferring the concussive forces from ultimately shocking the brain, thus reducing the occurrence of a concussion to an athlete. In addition, by putting the jaw in the PRP it allows the maximum neuromuscular response thus allowing increased performance. The US Patent office agreed with these findings, after almost 6 years, and the studies that supported Dr. Hutchison’s claims. He was issued a medical patent in December of 2015. PowerPlus is the only mouth guard designed this way, medically patented, and manufactured for lower jaw application.

The Bio Engineering Department of Wayne State University asked if they could test the PowerPlus Mouth Guard  in a controlled environment using strict research guidelines and medical protocols. The subjects of the test were their own football team. Not only did the users of PowerPlus go ‘concussion free’ for the season they had the best season ever and won their division.  Wayne State’s results not only supported Dr. Hutchison’s research it went above and beyond his findings and they published a report detailing their results as a new medical discovery and presented their findings at an international medical conference to spread the word in the medical community. The entire report can be found on our website under the Research Tab along with other medical studies addressing concussions and the ability of PowerPlus Mouth Guard to help reduce them.  We have a video on our web site discussing all of this in detail. We also have numerous letters from parents thanking us for PowerPlus and what it did for their athlete. We recently received a letter from the team doctor at the University of Alabama Birmingham telling us they went concussion free, as of the date of that letter, and since, we have learned they have had their best season ever and concussion free for the entire season, vs. 17 concussions last year alone, they have 135 players in their program.


Our device is a game changer and an entirely different approach to protecting the jaw and increasing not only performance but the stamina and endurance of the athlete. Imagine your players having more endurance than the other team the last 5 minutes of the game or the dominance they will have by increasing their strength. This is exactly the results your players will have and feel using our device. They have to use a Mouth Guard anyway why not the most “technologically advanced” one on the market, like the rest of the equipment on their body or in their hands. The time is now to start protecting all athletes from concussions and their terrible side effects on the body and in some cases season or career ending injuries. Countless hours are spent each year by coaches and trainers with continuing education about concussions. Not a week goes by that some kind of report or article is published about concussions and the impact it has on athletes of all ages. PowerPlus addresses this issue head on and although we cannot eliminate concussions entirely we can reduce their occurrence significantly and help to stop the pain and suffering that occurs and hardship of the parents and their son or daughter from this life altering injury. We are available to come and explain why PowerPlus should be a mandatory part of any athlete’s equipment – especially for any contact sport.

Please do not let another day go by allowing your players on the field without being protected with the latest technology available on the market today, POWER UP WITH POWERPLUS MOUTH GUARDS FOR PROTECTION & PERFORMANCE. Thank you for your interest in PowerPlus Mouth Guards and I look forward to talking to you further about how we can help you and your players reduce the risk of head injuries and concussions.

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