I’ll never forget my first halftime as a Head Coach!

It was chaotic.  It was just something I hadn’t put a whole lot of time and effort in to thinking about.  Our staff for the most part was the same as the year before.  The head coach moved out of state, I was chosen as the HC, and most of our staff stayed together.

So, I just thought that we would run things the same way, but that first game it was chaotic.  Every coach kind of did his own thing, and I was a little surprised it wan’t just like it was the year before, but then I realized that I failed to communicate how we would handle halftime.  So, I put this together and have used it ever since!

Making adjustments on the board is KEY!

Six things that must happen during halftime:

1.  Players must be given time to rest.

Get kids off their feet.

2.  All injuries evaluated by medical staff, Dr. DeHaas, and reported directly to Coach Fore.

3.  Any equipment problems taken care of by Equipment Manager Dale Hector

4.  Coaching staff must analyze the first half and make adjustments for the second half.

5.  Players must be re-motivated to play the final part of the game.

6.  Players and coaches re-hydrate themselves with Gatorade and water.

Coach Logan is in charge of time with a stopwatch or personal watch.

Start 15 minute countdown on your watch when the scoreboard starts it as we leave the field.


Make sure to fix your equipment before leaving the locker room!

Halftime divided into four periods:

First period (3 minutes)

Coaches circle up and speak; head coach first, then coordinators.

Team rests

Injury and equipment care

I make sure each player and coach gets a Gatorade. I have a parent take care of this all year.

Second period (3 minutes)

Offense and defensive position coaches meet with position groups

Third period (3 minutes)

Offense and Defensive Coordinators address appropriate teams to make adjustments

Fourth period (3 minutes)

Head coach addresses team

Return to field for warm-up

The time that we leave the locker room will vary depending on where our halftime location is.

Our goal is to spend as much time in the locker room and depart when the officials come to get us.

Coach Del Balso to lead team through the mandatory 3:00 minute warm up.