1. Be a good citizen!
  2. No profanity, ever!
  3. Always represent the mission of our school which is: TBD.
  4. Promptness – be an example to the boys.  5 minutes early is on time!
  5. Do your best not to correct a coach on the field in front of the players unless that coach is giving vitally incorrect information.
  6. Maintain a good relationship with the school faculty and staff.
  7. Maintain a good relationship with the parents.
  8. Do not criticize or question players or other coaches in public.  This should happen behind closed doors in our staff meetings.
  9. Do your homework.  You need to be prepared for practice with drills to make your players better.  You need to be prepared for games with appropriate study of film, scouting, etc.
  10. Be organized.  Come with a plan and execute that plan!  Wear a watch at all times.  Have a whistle at practice.
  11. Be responsible for school equipment.  When assigned specific equipment, treat it as your own.
  12. Be humble and teachable.  Allow for other coaches and players to give you input.  Never stop growing as a coach.  You do not know it all!