1. Being a Christ-like example in word and deed
  2. Casting a vision for the football program
  3. Creating a work environment that breeds success
  4. Surrounding himself with coaches that are great at what they do
  5. Maintaining a program that is not about a person but the collective thoughts, talents and traditions of the Eagles Football Program.
  6. To be accountable for all actions
  7. When we win it is about the assistant coaches and players
  8. When we lose it will be because of me and I will make the necessary changes to minimize the losses.
  9. I will confront you about inappropriate actions, first, behind closed doors and/or not in front of other coaches and/or players.  If the action continues in front of coaches/players, be prepared for it to be discussed in front of them.
  10. To have organized practice plans and do everything that I can to help my assistants have anything that they need to train our football players in practice.
  11.  To listen to and evaluate your suggestions as assistant coaches.
  12. To give you ownership, responsibility and authority.
  13. To provide professional growth opportunities.
  14. To be concerned about your private/family life.
  15. To be loyal to my assistants in everything they do.
  16. To sell you to our administration, players, community and other coaching staffs.
  17. To let you coach on the field within your personality.
  18. To hold you accountable to do your job before, during and after practice and games.
  19. Maintain a positive relationship with the administration not based on our win/loss ratio but our Christ-like single-mindedness.
  20. Not to get burned out by putting football before God and my family.