Humility first

At my wedding on April 3, 2004 (I really wanted to go with April 4, so that it would’ve been 4-4-04, that would’ve been great with my last name and all!)  my wife and I washed each other’s feet at our wedding.  We wanted to make it a point before our friends and family that we would serve each other in this marriage.  We followed the biblical pattern set by Jesus when he washed the feet of his disciples.  We had never seen this done at a wedding but we thought, what better place is there for a married couple to do this than to start off their marriage with it?!


This is true humility.  You don’t see this in many coaches these days!  A lifestyle of leadership like this give praise to others first, that serves those he leads, will develop followers quickly in your life!



Sonny Bono understood this art of Servanthood in leadership.  His lifestyle of leadership put others on a pedestal.

Do you think that people would follow you if you constantly put them on a pedestal? Do you think that people would listen to you if you did this?  Do you think that you would have influence over others if you practiced just this one part of this Leadership Lifestyle?

I have no idea what you think of the New Testament, or even Jesus Christ.  I think that no matter where you fall on the spectrum, a Bible believer or a Bible doubter, one who puts their faith in Jesus, or one who doesn’t believe His claims, you really can’t argue with the principles he taught.

I love what He teaches his followers here about leadership.  How true is his statement about godless rulers in our society today?  Nothing has changed in 2,000 years!!