My first game EVER game on the road as a Head Coach, we have a kid sent off the field in a stinking ambulance right?!  My principal went to the hospital with him so I could keep coaching.  He was an international kid, a Korean living over here with some host parents.

Principal calls me from the ER, “Coach, how do I get hold of his host parents to tell them what’s going on?”

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks . . . . . .

The emergency health cards notebook is sitting in the golf cart back on campus.

“I have no clue,” I sheepishly told my boss.  “I have no clue who he even lives with.”  I literally had NO idea how to reach his host parents OR parents, and here the kid is being treated for possibly a ruptured spleen in the ER. Oh yeah, and I’m trying to call a 3rd and 12!!

Don’t forget your water bottles, OR the caps!

That next day, I put this list together, and I’ve NEVER forgotten that health card notebook again!  Or a kicking tee, or the ball towels, or extra shoulder pads. I’m a list guy, I thrive of off lists and reminders to get things done.

This is a great list I literally go over with my assistants the night before the game as we double check who has what, and then on game day as we are loading the busses.

Would love to see what you use, send it to me at if you don’t mind.

Health Forms!!!
Bag of misc. player equipment 1
Bags for injury ice 20
Ball bag (1) with balls 12
Cleat box 1
Cooler for ice – small 1
Coolers for water – large 2
Equipment brown tray 1
Headphones case 1
Kicking net 1
Kicking tees – black 2
Kicking tees – orange 2
Medical black bag 1
Stats bag w/clipboards 1
Taping folding table 1
Towels 3 or 4
Water bottles 18
White board 1
White board pen 1