I can not remember where I found this, but I really, really like it.  I think that I received it at a clinic, in a handout from another coach.  Enjoy!



by Jim Tressell, Head Coach, Ohio State University 

The hall of fame is only good as long as time shall be.  But keep in mind, God’s hall of fame is for eternity.  To have your name inscribed up there is greater more by far than all the fame and all the praise of any man-made star.

Football is a man-made star.  It was created by men and made by men.  We set the rules and we do the Xs and Os.  We get together and we talk about it   and so forth.  It’s wonderful.  It’s the greatest.  I don’t know what I’d do if I weren’t working with football.  But it is a man-made star.

The perspective that I’d like to keep in mind, and the perspective that I’d like to share with you, is really the only hall of fame that is important is God’s hall of fame.  I think coaches have a great chance because of their great service to God’s hall of fame.  Thanks so much