10.  Your punt return team needs work, you weren’t happy with how many yards per attempt you got.  (Coach Fore’s punt returner led the entire state of California in 2014 at more than 24 yards PER return!)

9.  You just like trying to get better.  I get it, I’m the same way!  I’m always looking for ways to get better.  If I can install a new punt or kick return to gain just a 5-10 yards a pop, I’ll take it!

8.  You like blocking punts!  There are 7 blocks in this manual!!

7.  Your kick return unit was good, but not great in 2014.  One of three reasons for this: bad teaching/coaching, slow returners, and or bad scheme.  (Fore’s kick return unit averaged 25.8 yards per return in 2014.)



6.  You LOVE to have better field position than your opponents.  The only way to get a better average start is to have better return units in 2015 than your opponent.  These 28 returns will most definitely help YOUR teams with a better average start!

5.  You don’t have a huge budget for coaching resources.  Folks, this manual is just 0.35 cents per return (before 4/1).   That’s CHEAP!  Could 0.35 cents win you a game next year?!

4.  You like to have an edge!  This manual will give your team an edge because it will give you weapons!  Weapons give you an edge!  28 brand new returns and 7 blocks that your opponent won’t have, unless he buys the manual and you don’t.

3.  You like to look smart.  This manual allows you to look brilliant!  You get a power point of all 106 slides to show your team as you install whatever you like; and you can print out play cards, laminate them and take them to the field.

2.  You’re a Special Teams Coordinator.  Every good Special Teams Coordinator should buy a returns manual like this.  When is the last time you saw something like this?  Get the power point, get the play cards.  The best STCs in the business will have this in their library.

1.  TOUCHDOWNS!!!  (Self explanatory)