Man, this really got me earlier this morning!  I love America.

I grew up right next to Camp Pendleton, in a little town of rolling foothills called Fallbrook.  Camp Pendleton is the largest United States Marine Corps base in the Nation.  So, I great up around Marines, and their kids.  My grandfather was in the Korean War as a Marine.  He served our nation for his entire career, retired as an Expert Riflemen and Corporal.

I’ll never forget back during the Gulf War in the early 90s how proud America was of our Armed Forces.  We lined the streets of Fallbrook to welcome back the Marines.  They were leaning out of the buses high fiving flag waving patriots.  It was amazing seeing the tanks, and large machine guns strapped down to trailers, the humvees filled with young men just coming home from victorious battle.

I’ve always loved the National Anthem.  A few times before football games, as I’ve stood listening to that great song, I’ve been so filled with American Pride that I’ve shed some tears, gotten goosebumps, or both.

The Head Basketball Coach at the University of Virginia, Buzz Williams, recently spent time teaching his basketball players a few things about the pride we should have in America, and just how in debt we are to the men and women who have gone before us.

This is the best thing I’ve ever seen on Social Media.  Check out the video here, I’m sure you’ll agree that this is really, really special.