I really love this play!  We put it in back in 2004.  I want to give credit where credit is due here with this play.  My JV Head Coach at the time, Jimmy Kemmis, gave me this play.  We were a Wing T team at the time, and he ran some spread stuff at the JV level now and then.  I saw this play one day, and just loved it, so we put it in.  I’ve used it ever since!

It’s been so successful for us, I just call it “MONEY” now!  The kids know it will work, I don’t know that I’ve seen a play with such confidence from the players.  The official name for it in our language is “Doubles Right King Fly Sprint Pass.”

Doubles Right King Fly Sprint Pass or what I call “Money” because it always works!

Doubles = formation

Right = strength

King = puts our full back in the wing spot on the strong side.  (Queen means he goes weak side.)

Fly = puts the W or what we call the Weak Back in motion

Sprint = puts my QB on a roll out right now, as soon as he gets the ball

Pass = it’s a pass play!


ASSIGNMENTS (from left to right)

X receiver – he is going to run a deep drag to the back of the endzone, towards the middle of the endzone, the goalpost. I teach that he wants to try to almost run a square in in that he wants to start running his pattern like a fly straight towards the back of the endzone, and then bend to his right to get inside of the defender, on his way to the post.

W back or W slot – he is going to go in motion full speed when the QB tells him to.  He will hug right around the FB as tight as he can and run what I call a flare pattern right in to the flats, two yards into the endzone.

QB – takes the snap from shotgun, and “gets on his horse!”  I want him getting a little depth, about a yard or so, as he gets width.  He will have an option to throw or keep the ball to run right at the pylon.

FB – will pass protect and make sure to hook the widest guy on the LOS so that the QB can run if that’s open.

Z back or Z slot – he is going to run a jet pattern to the back of the endzone, turning to the outside, his left, when he gets there.

Y receiver – he is going to run a jet pattern to the back of the endzone, turning to the outside, his right, when he gets there.

Linemen – Pass blocking, reach stepping to the right.


(This will probably be a little different depending on your athletes, and your philosophy.)

Here is what I teach:

1.  Look for the W to be open in the flats real quick.

2.  Then look to tuck the ball if there is open grass in front of you.  Run for the first pylon on the goal line.  Dive to that pylon with the football.

3.  If W is covered, and you can’t run, look for an open receiver from right to left.

Look first at the Y, then the Z, then the X which is the hardest pass because it is across his body to the left for a right handed QB.

This is my “go to two point play!”  I really love it.  I’m sorry that I don’t have video for this play.  All of my video is in storage right now; I hope to have it back out very soon!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.