I’ve created a coaching manual that includes 100 pages of the administrative and organizational essentials for every head coach.

I’ve titled it the “Outside The Lines Manual” because it is more about the off the field administrative details of the job than the x’s and o’s of the game.  It’s all about the things “outside of the lines” which have a dramatic effect on the what happens between the lines!

Are you a coach who is very strong with your “between the lines” knowledge and ability yet struggle with having the time and desire to organize and effectively communicate the little things to your players, parents, boosters, etc.?  Or do you just want to see what someone else is doing in many aspects of organizational management?

I’ve purchased manuals like this before from coaches at clinics.  The bad part about that is you have to still go and type out anything you want to use from that manual.  With my Outside The Lines Manual, you get an electronic zip drive with every document on it so that you have a digital copy that you can edit and personalize for your program!  The framework is done. Just add your logo, information, player’s names, etc.

I’ve been a Head Coach for 8 years.  This manual has been created over hundreds of hours over the last 8 years.  My strengths are in the areas of organizational management and administration.  I have experience as an Athletic Director managing the many moving parts of a high school athletic department, as well as being a head football coach.  I’ve earned my Masters in Athletic Administration and am a Certified Athletic Administrator.

I’ve put together this 100 page manual for coaches who are new to the head coaching job, or coaches who want to bolster their portfolio of documents.


Included in the “Outside The Lines Manual” are the following documents:

Personnel Section

  • Coaches Evaluation –  Players grade your coaching staff in 10 key areas
  • Coach Evaluation – You grade your coaching staff in a number of categories
  • Player season evaluation form – players answer 15 questions about season
  • Coaches Directory – Address, email, phone numbers, etc. on one easy document
  • 2 Sample Player Behavior Contracts
  • Contact information form; all of your players contact information on one form
  • Letter to incoming freshmen in your district about playing for you
  • Coach Interview Form – use when interviewing potential coaches
  • Letter to Parents about removing their son from your program
  • Letter to 8th grade parents about your program
  • One on one coach-player meeting after season agenda
  • Player Committee Program Structure – Developing a leadership committee

Game Management Section

  • 2 point chart – Helps you quickly decide if you should go for 1 or 2 after TD
  • Offensive Play Call Sheet – organize how you will call your offense.  2nd and short pass?  3rd and short run?  Quickly find your plays
  • Coach’s Responsibilities Chart
  • Kickoff Coverage Rules and Notes
  • Field Goal/PAT Rules and Notes
  • Field Goal Block Rules and Notes
  • Kick Return Rules and Notes
  • Punt Return Rules and Notes
  • Home Stadium FAQs for your opponent – where to get water, where to dress, where to stretch, field pass and field access information, etc.
  • Football field diagram
  • Pregame schedule to the minute
  • Game Day charts: Special Teams personnel chart, Offense/Defense Depth Charts
  • Halftime Organization and Procedures
  • Roster form for two teams
  • Chart for developing your first 10 plays offensive script
  • Sideline Passes document
  • Wristband form
Recruiting Section
  • Recruiting Player Information Questionnaire
  • Recruiting Letter to college about your player
  • Recruiting Profile for your potential college players
  • Letter to colleges about recruits in your program

Stats Section

  • Defensive stat leaders  – record the top 10 players in 6 areas
  • Box score form
  • Defensive stats form for each game and season totals
  • Offensive drive sheet – document every drive of your season, and total them up
  • Misc stat form – track first downs, penalties, punts, fumbles
  • Opponent offensive stat sheet
  • Offensive Play Call Sheet – list your plays and result as they happen during game
  • Players of Game for year in one place
  • Special Teams game stats sheet
  • Special Teams Player of the Year totals
  • Special Teams Graphs – graph punters totals, returners totals etc.
  • Offensive Stat Leaders for games and season

Equipment Section

  • Equipment turn in notice for your players; tells them when you are collecting gear and reminds them what to turn in
  • Equipment check out form for your players
  • Jersey inventory control sheet
  • Letter to player/parents about missing gear
  • Road game equipment list for coaching staff
  • Road game instructions for your players
  • Spirit pack worksheet for putting together your order


Postseason Section

  • Banquet outline for recognition and thank yous
  • Form for your kids to vote for postseason awards
  • Highlight video and individual game film order form

Strength and Conditioning Section

  • 40 times chart
  • Year to year max comparisons
  • Blank form for maxes
  • Weight Room rules and requirements
  • Workout program – 4 days a week

Scheduling Section

  • Season calendar sample – My 2010 football calendar from June-December
  • Overnight camp agenda and schedule
  • Overnight camp flyer of what to bring and information
  • Sample practice schedules
  • Spring practice schedules

Boosters Section

  • Sample First Booster Club Meeting Agenda to rally the troops
  • Join The Booster Club form with varying levels of financial commitment

Misc Section

  • First 30 Days On The Job to do list; 11 key things to complete in your first 30 days as Head Coach at a new school
  • “To Do List” after taking over a new program
  • Purchase Order Form to order equipment, etc.
  • Kids camp registration form including name, payment information, shirt size
  • 2 Preseason Parent Meeting Agendas
  • Season goals
  • Parent FAQ Handout
  • Profile information collection sheet for Football Game Program
  • Player Profile for Football Game Program
  • Football Game Program sponsorship form
  • Scouting Calendar Form – schedule which games you need to scout
  • Scouting Checklist – what to look for in your future opponent
  • Senior Night letter to parents
  • 10 Training Camp Guidelines
  • Transportation Release Form
  • 4 Keys to Turning Around A Program
  • “Up Next” – information sheet about your opponents to send to your fans
  • Weekly recap form with game summary for your fans
  • Philosophy Statement. Areas include: Why I Coach, My Objectives As Coach, What I Get Out Of Coaching, On Preparing, On Winning, On Losing, etc. A great form to have in your portfolio for future employers.

The Outside The Lines Manual is $19.