Use this as a resource when searching for your next Head Football Coach position.

What are your qualifications for the assistants that I will bring/hire?

What kind of technology is there currently within the football program?

Video cameras, projector, editing software? DVD duplicator? Place to watch film?

Is there a Booster Club?  School or sport specific?

Any kind of big disruptions during the season? Annual retreats?  Fall musical/productions?

What types of off-season programs are available?

What is the football budget?

Practice fields

Equipment – sleds,bags

Basic football gear

Locker rooms



Varsity room

Training room

Weight room

Game day headphones

Trainer?  Training supplies?

Coaches offices

Uniforms game, practice

Spirit pack


Field preparation?  Who is responsible for it?

Budget for clinics?

What kind of fundraising is expected of me?

How many spots are there for assistants?   How much is the stipend for assistants?

Anybody from last year’s staff that has expressed interest in coaching again?

What are the hours of practice during the school year?  When is school out? Any restrictions on practice length?

Do we share the football field with anyone else during the year?

Out of season workouts allowed?  Is there a weight room?  What are the restrictions on off season training?

Can I have minimum requirements to play on the team?  Ex: attendance at off-season program.

Please explain what the parent volunteerism is like within the football community?

Is there a Booster Club for football?  How does it operate?  Who are board members?  How much do they raise on an annual basis?