The following is a list I’ve used twice while taking over football programs.  It’s not the “end all be all list” but should get you started on the right path!  From this list will branch off other things to figure out and plan.  It’s like a spider web, once you get in to it, it will keep untangling and untangling!

Contact coaching staff
Meet with players
Player Evaluation sheet to players
Spring Calendar
Summer Calendar
Master Calendar (May-Dec)
Offensive package for spring
CIF rules/regulations
Any money to spend now?
Spirit Package
     – white shirt
     – grey shirt
     – shorts
     – sweats
     – bag??
     – socks
     – prac. Jersey
Player Committee
     2 seniors, 3 juniors, 2 sophs, 1 frosh
Business Cards
Promotion schedules
Meet with custodial staff
     – paint goal posts yellow
     – lines on field
Booster Club Meeting w/ parents
Program for season
Website development
Theme for year
Theme nights for attendance
Reserved seating
Football camp for kids
     – When???
     – Who?  When?  Where?
Inventory in HQ
Coaches apparel
     – hats, shirts, jackets
Directory of league coaches