I’ve gotten to know Coach Mike Stauffer from Patriot High School through Twitter over the last several months.

He sent me these Standards and Expectations for his Inside Linebackers for this 2012 season, and I really liked them.  I think it’s so important for coaches to have standards and goals for their players.  It puts everybody on the same page, and increases accountability.

I like that these use the acronym B.A.C.K.E.R.  This should help his players remember their standards and expectations very easily.  They are short and sweet and to the point.  This will help Coach Stauffer hold his players to a high level accountability and excellence.  There aren’t 20 things to remember, which can make us forget to emphasize any of them.

2012 Patriot Warriors
ILB Standards & Expectations

etter every day!

ssignments (Be prepared)

lose the deal (FINISH)!

ick laziness to the curb!

xcellence in everything!

elentless Effort!

Sweet logo for Patriot High!