Let me start this by saying I’ve never been at the collegiate level as a Football Coach or Athletic Director.  I’ve been a High School Football Coach for 13 years, 8 of those as a Head Varsity Football Coach.  I’m entering my 5th year as an Athletic Director.  However, with that being said, I think that the same procedure would be used at the collegiate level as you would use as the high school level.

I suppose hindsight is always 20/20 right?  But here is what both Head Penn State Football Coach and Athletic Director Tim Curley should have done regarding the 2001 shower incident which Asst Coach Mike Mc Query saw first hand.

If Coach Paterno and the Athletic Director would’ve, should’ve, could’ve taken these steps, we would not be where we are today, and there’s really no telling how many other boys/children wouldn’t have been raped.


1.  Gone to his supervisor with the Mike Mc Query testimony.  Mc Query came to him with eyewitness account of what he saw in the showers with this Sandusky monster and a young boy.  He should’ve gone directly to his supervisor, Athletic Director Tim Curley with this account.

2.  He should’ve had Mike Mc Query write down EXACTLY what he saw when he reported it to Joe Pa.  This would leave imagination out of it later, and would help him to remember the exact details.

3.  Joe Pa should’ve taken that document written by Mc Query to the meeting with Curley, as evidence.

4.  He should’ve scheduled a meeting with Curley, Mc Query and himself for the very next day, AFTER meeting one on one with the AD.


1.  Curley should’ve taken the written testimony from Mc Query and asked Joe Pa to write down everything that Mc Query told him, when he told him, where he told him, etc.

2.  Curley should’ve gone up the ladder to his direct supervisor with this information.

3.  I believe it should’ve been Curley’s responsibility to also find out right away who this young man with one of HIS staff members in the shower was. He should’ve tracked this young boy down, gotten his name, and information from Sandusky or some other means, as part of the investigation.


1.  FOLLOW UP!  Joe Pa should’ve followed up with his supervisor.  And Curley should’ve followed up with his supervisor.  I would say a 48 hour guideline would be sufficient.  Upon reporting this information to your supervisor, tell them that you would like to follow up in 48 hours to know what is going on with the investigation from here.

If you go to your supervisor with this kind of earth shattering information, a boy was just raped in the showers type of allegation, you should follow up.  Are you just going to report it and never follow up or be curious as to what happened from that point?  That seems to be what Joe Pa did, and what he hid behind, and what his family is hiding behind today.  “I told my supervisor.”  Well you aren’t off the hook now Coach.  FOLLOW UP, for the sake of the kid, see what happened from your meeting on.

2.  They should’ve gone on to the campus police to report this alleged crime if they did not get a response from the follow up in previous step.  The conversation would be something like this: “Hey, I reported a rape on campus to my supervisor, and I don’t believe they are doing anything about it.  I want to file a former police report with you right now about this matter.”  The reason this is important is because it gets the right people, law enforcement, involved. It’s not just a campus policy that’s reportedly been violated.  It’s the law!  If the folks on your campus aren’t doing anything, go up the ladder, or go to the authorities immediately.