Here is a great resource for coaches looking to learn the 3-3-5 defense.

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There’s one thing every defensive coach knows. We can never have enough SPEED on the field!

Offenses today are constantly trying to take advantage of your slower athletes, and get their speed into open space on the field. What can we do to fight back?

With the 3-3-5 Defense, you can fight back and WIN. You can maximize your speed on the field. You will cut down on the open space that on the football field.

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You Need a Flexible Defense. The 3-3-5 Defense Gives You Maximum Flexbility!

The 3-3-5 Defense can be adjusted and adapted each week to face any offense you see – Spread Option, Wing-T, Air Raid, Double Wing, Splitback Veer… you name it, the 3-3-5 Defense can stop it.

Why is the 3-3-5 Defense so flexible?

  • By using only 3 Defensive Linemen, who are quicker and more athletic than traditional linemen, everyone on the field can run.
  • Our Inside Linebackers need to be able to run, but they have protection from the guys up front. Because of the slanting nature of the front, Offensive Linemen can’t run to the 2nd Level until they check to ensure the front is secure.
  • The Overhang Safeties are our best athletes. They’re put in the most conflict by the offense. Start here with your top football players and fill in the rest. If these guys can play, you’re set.
  • The blitz package is simple to install. Once your blitzes are in, use different stunt and blitz combinations to create the ideal front you would want to run against anyone – no more Defense of the Week! It’s all in your package already.

Coaching Football's 3-3-5 Defense eBook