I really love to look around at what others are doing to make their programs the best!  In fact, it’s exactly why I wrote a book about Building Championship-Caliber Football Programs!  That groundbreaking research started with just 10 emails to coaches who had reached the pinnacle, and ended with a book!

See graphic results of the 2013 Year End Survey I did of more than 200 high school football coaches nationwide by clicking the link here: survey2013footballseason

Topics covered: theme, leadership, mental toughness, character building, work ethic, preparation and more.

More articles to come regarding my thoughts about this survey, along with answered quotes from coaches nationwide directly.


Coach Fore surveyed more than 100 of the 2011 State Champion head football coaches and narrowed all of their answers down to the Top 10 most common characteristics of Championship-Caliber Football Programs.  The book is being released on December 19th.  Buy your copy today!