I’ve been running the Single Wing/Wing T/Double Wing since 2001.  Bruce Cobleigh is one of the guys I always appreciate seeing at the clinics.  I stole this from him at a Glazier Clinic a few years ago, and really like it.

What happens a lot when you are running this type of offense is that the defensive backs get very lazy, and start peering in to the back field more and more.  I know that they almost stop covering my wideout (who you see as X below) a lot of the time.  Or, they will start cheating in, giving us this out pattern very easy.



QB – 3 step drop – throws on third step to the speed out; if he is covered, the QB waggles out to the opposite side and now has three choices.  He should work from the post to the 3 yard out, high to low, top to bottom, or whatever your language is.  His progression is: W on the post,  Y on the 10 yard out, then Z on the 3 yard out.

X – Runs a 5 yard speed out.  If the Corner is playing him man, and taking away the out, he will run a slant.