1. Self-scouting last year’s offense
  2. Self-scouting last year’s defense
  3. Self-scouting last year’s special teams
  4. Surveying your players about last season
  5. Surveying your coaching staff about last season
  6. Surveying the parents and boosters about last season
  7. Reviewing the results of the surveys to help you make effective changes in the program
  8. Organizing your spring and summer calendars
  9. Meeting with college recruiters to promote your kids and your programs
  10. Attending clinics
  11. Reading 1 book per month to make you a better coach   (Building Championship-Caliber Football Programs would be a great place to start!)
  12. Going to observe a college practice or three in your area
  13. Meeting with a college staff to learn more about a system you want to learn more about
  14. Meeting with another staff or three in your area to learn about a system you want to learn more about
  15. Sending in your helmets and shoulder pads for reconditioning
  16. Ordering new uniforms or at least making upgrades to your current ones
  17. Get up to date with the new NFHS Football Rules for the upcoming season
  18. Creating your Spring Install calendar
  19. Creating your Summer Install calendar
  20. Meeting with every player one on one to go over a SWOT analysis with them for next season (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)
  21. Meeting with every coach one on one to go over a SWOT analysis with them for next season (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)
  22. Having a golf tournament to raise money for your program
  23. Having bi weekly Booster Club meetings, installing new officers, etc.
  24. Planning your fundraisers for the calendar year
  25. Creating your scouting calendar for the upcoming season
  26. Making bus arrangements with your Athletic Director for the upcoming season’s away games
  27. Working on using your home games for community events (Teacher Appreciation Night, Youth Football Night, etc)
  28. Writing a letter to the incoming 8th grade students already registered for your school
  29. Writing a letter to the 8th grade students who are in your feeder system (if rules permit)
  30. Having a Football Open House for the 8th graders in your community (if rules permit)
  31. Hosting a Coaches Clinic for the youth football coaches in your area
  32. Redesigning/updating your handout about the football program with your admissions counselor (if applicable)
  33. Hiring new assistant coaches
  34. Having a coach retreat    banner
  35. Solidifying your stat girl crew, and training or retraining them
  36. Solidifying your equipment management crew, and training or retraining them
  37. Solidifying your water boy/girl crew, and training or retraining them
  38. Solidifying your video operations crew, and training or retraining them
  39. Planning for and executing a Spring game
  40. Spending time with your players off the field to develop strong relationships
  41. Having a few off the field team bonding activities
  42. Ordering new footballs, mouth pieces, etc, etc. (See list of things here)
  43. Speaking at the local rotary meeting to help with community involvement
  44. Cleaning up your Hudl account (or DVDs if you’re old school)
  45. Sending in your headsets for annual cleaning, fixing, etc.
  46. Meeting with your athletic trainer to evaluate the injury reports from last year
  47. Discussing any new protocols for injuries this upcoming season with your athletic trainer
  48. Get any new state or federal coaching requirements up to date (example: concussion management)
  49. Renew your CPR/First Aid (if applicable)
  50. Stay on top of the GPAs of your players
  51. Finalize your Thursday night pregame meal home visit schedule
  52. Finalize your Friday pregame restaurant/school cafeteria reservations
  53. Develop and meet regularly with your Player Committee
  54. Have some lunches with your Athletic Director
  55. Have some lunches with your Booster Club President
  56. Have some lunches with your Player Committee
  57. Have some 1 on 1 lunches with your coaching staff
  58. Make and finalize plans for Senior Night
  59. Make plans for Bye week – how much practice, etc?
  60. Get your charts for the weight room and any speed testing organized, make copies, etc.
  61. Develop your spring practice plans – day by day and minute by minute
  62. Develop your Training Camp practice plans – day by day and minute by minute
  63. Recruit the hallways
  64. Go cheer on the baseball team one day!
  65. Finalize any contracts for the upcoming season or two seasons
  66. Create and finalize your schedule poster for the community
  67. Hold an NCAA Clearinghouse meeting for any potential college-bound athletes
  68. Hold your kids accountable to being in the weight room
  69. Get your kids faster on the field
  70. Update your school’s stat record book from last year’s statistics
  71. Reserve any field space that you need to for spring and summer
  72. Finalize your budget for the fiscal year, or next season, whichever way you do it
  73. Send me your list for what I missed, and I will update this as we go, with credit to you!