2016 was a RECORD SETTING year here for CoachFore.org.  More eyes on this page than any year since I launched it back in October of 2011.  The goal was to have just 10 pages here, to help promote myself to principals and athletic directors as I was looking for a job.  It since morphed in to so much more.

See below for links to the top 10 articles of 2016!

I’m thankful for your readership!

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Three Reasons Coaches Aren’t Respected Like The Old Days

Hold The Rope!!! (Powerful and inspirational story for your team)

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Questions I Ask While Interviewing Potential Head Coaches

10 Questions To Ask Your Players

Game Day Play Sheet Organization – The Front Side

5 Example-Setting Attitudes That Can Ruin A Football Program

Interview Questions Database

8 Of The Most Misunderstood Special Teams Rules and Situations