Sports apps that pay with cryptocurrency for training: additional motivation or just marketing?

Keeping fit is one of the important decisions that we have to make in our lives. There are lots of health and physical benefits that we gain out of that decision. However, it is one thing to make a decision and another one to stay on course. We have heard of many cases where people decide to start a fitness program as they start a new year but a few weeks or even days down the line, they have given up. This happens often and most of us are victims. 

What if there was something that motivated us to keep on training throughout the year? For those who need that boost, some sports apps pay with cryptocurrency for a workout. As Kate Richardson, a sports gambling enthusiast who has been reviewing the best bitcoin sports betting sites confirms that there are indeed some workout apps that reward their users with cryptos such that those who train more get a high prize. These are the same incentives that betting sites which allow use of crypto in making payments use. And they seem to work as wagers are increasing making deposits using cryptocurrencies. 

With the fitness apps, user can buy crypto or something of the sort. Kate Richardson points out that the most challenging part of these apps is knowing that they exist and knowing where to find and use them. In her reviews of similar apps, Kate attempts to provide useful information including reliability of betting sites, what users need to look at when selecting the best platforms. She advises users of sports app to use similar criteria. To get more insights on how you can select the best sites, check Kate Richardson’s profile here. 

Also, questions have arisen about their motive. People have been asking whether they are in to motivate the workout enthusiasts or they are just about marketing their brands. In an attempt to get some insights on this, let’s explore the type of available fitness apps. With this information, we can make our conclusion on the genuineness and motivation of these programs. 


The workout app uses the proof of activity concept to reward its users. Here, the app tracks the user’s daily activities and rewards accordingly. Users will earn rewards depending on their level of activities as well as engagements. For one to earn a reward he or she must have attained a minimum count of 5000. As a cryptocurrency, ActFit offers users a chance to trade cryptos as well as buy goods and services. 

With the utility tokens users can sign up for workout consultations as well as buy equipment and books, with those purchases, users have a chance to earn more rewards. With these incentives, reviews have described crypto as a platform that is trying to achieve several feats at the same time. For the platform, it is an opportunity to market its brand while users get a chance to reach their fitness goals.


This is another cryptocurrency that helps users burn calories and in the end, they gain some coins. FitCoin has the following features:

  • The platform uses fitness trackers such as Garmin and Fitbit to monitor users’ activities. 
  • The tracker analyses body vitals as well as the length of the activity and send the data to the fitness app. 
  • The app calculates the number of calories used up and awards tokens based on the effort. 

For those who lose more in terms of calories, the gain in terms of tokens will be more. The platform also allows users to convert their token to bitcoin. This means that they do not have to store the coins in their wallet but can be converted into a currency of choice. FitCoin also allows users to buy some items from the app market store. There are whole of benefits that users can enjoy from the workout app.


For those who may not be in a position to attend workout classes but have daily schedules that involve lots of walking, SweatCoin provides an opportunity to earn some rewards while at it. The fitness app tracks the number of steps that the user takes in a day and converts them into SweatCoin. To benefit from such rewards, the user needs to:

  • Sign up in the platform 
  • Connect their health and fitness data
  • Allow access to GPS location. 

With the tokens that are earned during the physical activities, users can buy books, equipment, clothes, or even pay for training and consultation among other related items. 


This is a platform that only awards outdoor training. Fitness enthusiasts who run, jog, hike or walk or engage in any other physical activities can get some rewards. The app tracks the step count and converts them into coins. These coins can be exchanged for goods as well as gifts among other items.


This app rewards users just for leading a healthy life. If you sleep for the recommended number of houses, maintain your daily workout routine, clean the house, drink the recommended amount of water and eat healthy among other things that count as normal healthy habits, you are qualified to earn some rewards. However, for you to earn the rewards, you need to report as well as verify the activities.


We all agree that keeping fit is a challenge for most of us. Given that we need to train to keep our bodies healthy a little motivation along the way does more good than harm. As to whether these apps are up to helping us maintain healthy habits or just marketing their brands, we can conclude that this is a mutual relationship. Synonymous to the “scratch my back” analogy. On one side, the apps are making us aware of their products and what they have to offer. On the other hand, we are benefiting from vital services, rewards, and other incentives. With their fitness programs, we are motivated to exercise regularly and ultimately stay healthy.