I took over as the Athletic Director at Excelsior Charter School in Victorville, California on May 29th.  It’s been a very busy first 24 days in the seat.  Yesterday (June 29) was my last day until August 8, as I’m not a 12 month employee.

Here is a synopsis of the major decisions, meetings, research, etc. from my first 24 days on the job.  Hopefully, this will be able to help any other ADs out there in the same boat.  It could serve as a framework or an outline for you.

1. Met with each Head Coach one on one to survey current state of each program

2. Updated schedules and solidified them for Fall and Winter seasons

3. Updated Athletic Packets and streamlined the system for kids/parents.  In the past, they turned in 7 different documents before they could participate.  Multiply this by several hundred athletes!  I narrowed it down to two documents they turn in now, AND added the CIF Concussion Notice they must read and sign for.

4. Created Athletic website by creating individual pages for each sport; each page has contact information for the Head Coach, and up to date practice schedules. There was none of this before I started.

5. Completed research on schools retiring numbers and creating a Hall of Fame; made recommendations to Superintendent

6. Completed research on coaching stipends and made recommendations to Asst Superintendent regarding paying our coaches more; recommended a “step” system to compensate coaches for their years and playoff appearances. For each game your team advances in playoffs, we will compensate you more for your time.

7. Attended an ImPact Concussion Webinar about creating an athletic department concussion management policy

8. Created the Excelsior Athletics Concussion Management Policy

9. Conducted a survey online for our faculty/staff, student-athletes and their guardians

10. Designed locker room and athletic storage for new gym; got quotes on these projects

11. Confirmed officials for both Fall and Winter seasons; Confirmed Fall transportation

12. Hosted physicals on campus for our student-athletes; 25 came.  First time we’ve ever done this.

13. Recommended moving to a quarter grading system for CIF G.P.A. regulations instead of semester system; the principal approved this new system. Now gives Student-Athletes four times to be eligible or ineligible instead of just two.

14. Met with concussion specialist doctor, and set up ImPact baseline testing for our football team in August.  This doctor was trained by the same doctors who wrote the NFL concussion guidelines and return to play procedures.

15. Set up an agreement with Neff Co to give our student-athletes another choice for letter jackets; this company will save them $125 and deliver a better product than what we have been getting.  Everything can now be done online.

16. Set up 2-4 games next year at the Minor League Baseball stadium where the High Desert Mavericks play. Will be used as a fundraiser for our baseball program.

17. Examined 2011-12 budget and created 2012-13 budget

18. Relieved Head Varsity Cross Country Coach, flew the position, interviewed and offered job to new Head Coach, she accepted.