I started this website in 2011 as a way to help market myself to Administrators for a new job. Very few high school coaches had an online resume/website/portfolio in 2011!

I have written more than 500 articles for the coaching community since then!

Here are the top 10 articles on this website this year:

#10 –  8 Of The Most Misunderstood Special Teams Rules and Situations

#9 – Interview Question Database

#8 – 8 Of The Most Misunderstood Special Teams Rules/Situations Pt. 2

#7 – My Son Did Not Start Today

#6 – End of the Season Program Evaluation

#5 – Oregon’s Dynamic Warm Up

#4 – 10 Questions To Ask Your Players at the End of the Year

#3 – Free Football Stat Templates

#2 – Game Day Play Sheet Organization – The Front Side

#1 – HOLD THE ROPE!!! (Powerful and inspirational story for your team)